Why am I doing this?

I want to get better and I believe that this process will put sharper form to experience.

I have built a model of Lenses that help guide me in my decision making and want to share those with you because that didn't exist when I was starting out down this path and wish it did.

Who am I?

Let's make this fun. I am multi-classed as an Explorer, Builder and Scientist - what are you? (find out here!)

I've sold companies as both a banker and founder, worked directly on 26 different products and advised many more. I have worked for 8 different CEOs and 9 different founders. I have been a founder myself, twice, and part of 3 different exits, 2 of which were to public companies (Disney & Middleby).

I started working in growth when it didn't even have a name after abandoning my career as an investment banker to build games. I launched and ran Disney's first social game on Facebook and iOS when mobile and social gaming was in its infancy.

I have built and grown free products, paid products, ad products, subscription products, games, media experiences, social networks, and even ovens.

Have you ever heard of me? Probably not. But I can nearly guarantee you have used or heard of products I have built, grown or developed.

I am currently running the Growth team at Masterclass and I want to share how I think about Growth and Product. I have a set of principles that I call Lenses which I use to work through decisions. Each Lens begs a question you should ask yourself and your team.

Let's talk about them.

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Become better at Growth Product and Growth Marketing through mostly-coherent ramblings from a Growth professional who has led teams at Playdom, Disney, TuneIn, Brava, and Masterclass.


Always looking for the alchemist moment. Love scaring people yet hate being scared. Often say “I know you are there” when entering a dark room, as a precaution.