Why am I doing this?

I want to get better and I believe that this process will put sharper form to experience.

I have built a model of Lenses that help guide me in my decision making and want to share those with you because that didn't exist when I was starting out down this path and wish it did.

Who am I?

Let's make this fun. I am multi-classed as an Explorer, Builder and Scientist - what are you? (find out here!)

I've sold companies as both a banker and founder, worked directly on 26 different products and advised many more. I have worked for 8 different CEOs and 9 different founders. I have been a founder myself, twice, and part of 3 different exits, 2 of which were to public companies (Disney & Middleby).

I started working in growth when it didn't even have a name after abandoning my career as an investment banker to build games. I launched and ran Disney's first social game on Facebook and iOS when mobile and social gaming was in its infancy.

I have built and grown free products, paid products, ad products, subscription products, games, media experiences, social networks, and even ovens.

Have you ever heard of me? Probably not. But I can nearly guarantee you have used or heard of products I have built, grown or developed.

I am currently running the Growth team at Masterclass and I want to share how I think about Growth and Product. I have a set of principles that I call Lenses which I use to work through decisions. Each Lens begs a question you should ask yourself and your team.

Let's talk about them.

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